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Prioritising Applications

The Council uses a group plus points scheme to prioritise applications and to allocate properties. We use a 'nomination' based allocation system where we match applicants to empty property in their areas of choice.

All applications for accommodation, from people aged 16 years old or over, will be assessed and placed in one of 7 groups. The table below sets out the groups and gives examples of those applicants who could be eligible to be placed in each group.

A summary of the North Ayrshire Allocation Policy is available here


 Group  Criteria  Examples
Group 1 Homeless People who we have decided are homeless based on homelessness law and North Ayrshire Council’s homelessness policy
Group 2 Strategic housing needs

People who are not in group 1 but have a housing need because of the actions of one of the NAHR landlords or a public agency. For example, people living in houses that are going to be demolished by a NAHR landlord, young people who have been looked after by the local authority, people living in long-term hospital care or those who have been approved as foster carers. We may also place people in this group if they have urgent housing needs which are not mentioned in the policy.

Group 3 Overcrowding

People who are not in groups 1 or 2 and who are overcrowded in their current accommodation.

Group 4 Unsatisfactory housing

People who are not in groups 1, 2 or 3 and who need to move because their current home is unsatisfactory. This group includes people who need to move to accessible housing because of their healthy or a disability means their current home does not meet their needs (this will be assessed by an occupational therapist). It also includes people who are living in accommodation which is below the tolerable standard. The tolerable standard is set out in housing law. The law says that a home must be structural stable and free from dampness. It also says it must have natural and artificial lighting, thermal insulation, hot and cold water, toilet and bathing facilities, proper drainage, facilities for cooking, heating and safe electrics

Group 5 Transfers

People who are not in groups 1, 2, 3 or 4 but who are existing tenants of one of the NAHR landlords.

 Group 6  General needs We will place people who are not in groups 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 in this group. The group includes those whose private-sector tenancy is being brought to an end, whose home is being repossessed due to mortgage arrears and those who are sharing facilities with another household. People with no recognised housing need will also be in this group.

To be placed in groups 3, 4 or 6, you must either live in North Ayrshire or meet the legal qualifying conditions if you live outwith North Ayrshire. Anyone living outwith North Ayrshire must:
• be employed, or have been offered a job in North Ayrshire;
• want to move into North Ayrshire to look for employment;
• want to move into North Ayrshire to be near a relative or carer;
• have special social or medical reasons for needing to live in North Ayrshire; or
• be suffering from harassment or domestic abuse.

 Group 7  Relocation needs

We place all other people in group 7. These are people who live outwith North Ayrshire and do not meet the legal qualifying conditions.


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