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Housing Options



Welcome to the Housing Options wizard.

This tool will ask a series of questions about your circumstances and then will guide you through different housing options that apply to you.

This is designed for residents of North Ayrshire; the advice given may not be right if you do not live in the area

Completing this form will not place you on the housing register. You will need to complete an application if you want to apply for social housing. If you receive Housing benefit to pay all or part of your rent you may have to pay the difference between the rent and your benefit entitlement.

Why not just wait for a Social Housing tenancy?

Social Housing is often in high demand and you can wait a long time before being offered a property. We may be able to help you remain in your current accommodation or help you find private rented accommodation instead of waiting for a property from one of the NAHR landlords.

The action plan produced after completing the questions will tell you about a range of housing options.

What housing options are available?

Some of the options include:

  • Shared ownership
  • Mutual Exchange
  • Private Rented
  • Social Housing
  • Additional support
  • Homelessness prevention
  • Mortgage rescue
  • Adapted housing
  • Disrepair Prevention/Improvement
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