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Matching Applicants to Properties

Properties are allocated at any time

Although anyone can join the housing register, this does not necessarily mean that a landlord will make you an offer of housing. There are more people who want affordable rented housing than there are properties available.

Whether or not you receive an offer will depend on three main factors.
• Your level of housing need. see prioritising applications
• Your priority as set out by your group and your number of points.
• The number of houses which become available to let.

We will make offers to people based on their housing need and preferences, as shown on their application form. It is important that you clearly state your preferences for areas and streets, types of property, floor levels and heating systems you want.

We will not offer you a house that you say you will not consider. You should widen your choices as much as possible to increase your chances of getting an offer.

You also have a certain number of points and the priority of the applications in each group will be based on which people have the most points. If two people have the same number of points, we give priority to the one who applied first.